∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼2020 season trends that will take you to the streets and enter∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼
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∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼2020 season trends that will take you to the streets and enter∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼

∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼2020 season trends that will take you to the streets and enter⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇

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On the trail of fashion weeks, 2020 Spring / Summer season trends are under the spotlight.

New York, London, Milan and Paris fashion weeks, which determine season fashion every year, are prepared to take their place in the streets after dusting the catwalks. Paris Fashion Week, which has the most impact in the fashion world, dominates the seasonal trends every year, but New York and London are strong in the highlights of this season. After walking on the catwalks, the 2020 Spring / Summer season trends that will take you to the streets and enter the wardrobes without hesitation are on our radar.

Amazing Colors

Undoubtedly, the saturation-enhanced shades of colors indicate a striking and remarkable season. It is possible to gather all the glances, especially among the crowds of Valentino and even among the crowds.

We choose:





The 2020 Spring / Summer season will be the season of the lines! Of course, we all have at least two striped blouses or dresses or knitwear from our wardrobe; however, it is remarkable in terms of adding a new power to the trend pattern. Such as Altuzarra’s knit dress or 3.1 Phillip Lim’s graphic pleats.




Return of Denim

With its modest and casual denim patches, frills, tears and many new applications, it finds itself a fashion fact. There is no doubt that Givenchy’s wide and truncated long-sleeved model, combined with his skillful tailoring jacket, will fall into street fashion like a bomb.

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Asymmetrical Frills

Frills on one shoulder, crimes accumulated on a single hip, flying skirts … Every version of the frill that can be carried all over the body shows itself among the 2020 Spring / Summer trends as a new flashy piece of fashion.

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Almost None Shorts

The micro shorts and the legs revealed by the cuts influenced all the catwalks even in the most classic fashion house Chanel. It is enough to look at Saint Laurent, where they are combined with night jackets and sequined tops for the most stylish inspiration.

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Jackets Inspired by 70s

70’s wide collar or psychedelic pattern; but always his tailored jackets are back. Undoubtedly, the most perfect examples of this comeback are Victoria Beckham stylized with pointed collar shirts, while Marc Jacobs has no doubt given a new awakened feeling from a dream.

Hairy Tops

If you want to give your daily clothes couture atmosphere with ostrich feathers, you are at the right time. In the spring / summer season of 2020, we will witness that the shirts or sportswear take off with feathers.

Trench Coats with New Reviews

A classic trench coat will never let you down. And designers entered this season in a tight return preparation to make it the essential part of wardrobes. While Oscar de la Renta patterned moire silk with laser cut flowers, Sacai preferred a more conceptual design language.

Rope Belts

∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼2020 season trends that will take you to the streets and enter∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼

Whether it gives your look a function or not, it is certain that we will wrap ropes like a sailor this season. So much so that Tory Burch takes this trend one step further and designs its ropes from leather.

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Excessively Large Volumes

One of the factors that make fashion appealing is its inaccessibility. While some trends enter the showcases and then wardrobes with their wearable forms, others accelerate the pulses as an object of desire and inspire wearable forms. Perhaps the only hard-to-reach trend of the season is the overly large volumes. While Balenciaga is among the pioneers with her sculptural form, Molly Goddard is one of the determinants of this trend with her tulle which she is best at constructing.

∼⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇∼2020 season trends that will take you to the streets and enter⊆⊆•⊗•⊇⊇