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4 Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

4 Ways to Use Script Wall Art in Your Home

Word Themes

You can choose word art for your wall that focuses on a certain theme. The photo above shows how you can even combine different words with an image to evoke that theme. An item like this would be good for a dining area or a kitchen space. Its neutral colors also mean that it would work in a wide variety of home styles, though the slightly distressed style could place it well in rustic chic spaces.

The photo above also shows how choosing a larger print can help create a certain focal point. It’s big enough to act as a theme-setting piece to a room’s style.

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Script Wall Art Music Sheet

Script wall art doesn’t just have to be about the words, as in the Leonard Cohen Quote Sheet Music Print. Image courtesy of Etsy.

Repurposed Sheet Music

One way to work with script wall art is to find a creative take on another item. An example is the sheet music with a song lyric over it in the photo above. An item like this would hang well by itself.

Another idea for script wall art is to use it as part of a larger art collage or gallery wall style. This allows you to work with many different quotes. Finding smaller script art can also be more affordable. If you need to cover a whole wall, this is a good idea for making maximum use of the space. And a high-contrast collage can also spice up more understated script wall art pieces.

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Script Wall Art Letters Theme

Set the tone in any room’s theme with a letter collage.

Individual Words

The word art in the photo above is a classy take on script art. Many styles just put stencils or decals on the walls, but using letters on a shelf against a wall adds some depth and dimension. It’s not technically wall art, but it’s a way to pull off a wall art cheat if you can’t hang heavy things due to renter restrictions.

This is also a great idea for theme rooms. It’s a neat way to evoke the images of any theme. For instance, words related to the beach and swimming could go a long way in creating a beachside, oceanic theme in a room. For some other ideas, a boho space could have words related to artistic styles or a purely nautical theme could have words related to sailing.

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Script Wall Art Black and White Style

You can use subtle script wall art to accent a space, like with this ‘Words to Live by’ Textual Art on Canvas.

Understated Script Wall Art Hangings

You can also go for an understated wall hanging, like in the photo above. A basic, neutral-colored hanging with a black print style can fit in any room. It especially goes well in a space dominated by crisp, neutral colors.

The photo above shows how a piece like this can also fit anywhere as a classy accent to the space. For instance, this piece went right over a side table where the keys are placed. It shows how you can put inspirational messages in places that people stop at often. You could also hang an item like this above a coatrack, in front of a desk or by an eating area.