Skin Care

Cute Gel nail Designs For 2019

Probably the best accepted Christmas manicure in the year of the snake – it’s an aperitif on her skin. If you look at the photos, it seems difficult to do it at home, but in the autogenous area it will be expensive. In fact, it’s a manicure through a grid, what gel nail paint designs Let your nails dry and paint some cells in gray paint. Allow to dry, remove foil and apply fixer. Manicure “snake skin” finished.

Optionally, use natural colors to create a Christmas snake skin. Suitable for this purpose and painted blue and violet and green. You can not paint the entire nail, just the top part to get the type of New Year’s Eve jacket. If your nails are more feminine, decorations are made in the form of flowers and rhinestones.

You can manually draw the cell with black paint and paint it with a paint. However, this takes a long time. And the easiest option, like the manicure, is to buy a pre-made nail sticker with the issues, for example, a solid nail polish Impress Manicure from Kiss.