Skin Care

Maintain oily skin properly

Not only does it feel unpleasantly oily, but greasy skin also leaves visible traces, for example on the mobile phone display. The cause is too active sebum production. But beware: Aggressive cleaning keeps you going! The trick is to balance your oil and moisture balance with proper care.



This is how you recognize oily skin

You have …


Despite cleansing or dulling quickly shining skin again.

Large, clearly visible pores.

Often pale or faded skin.

☝️ If you also have impurities, then please read on our care recommendation for impure skin.




Oily skin – your care routine with FIVE in the morning

CLEANING: Wash your face ONLY with lukewarm water, even if your skin has produced a lot of sebum overnight!

CARE: With the oil-free moisturizing facial serum in combination with our face oil for impure and oily skin you are well equipped, because the ingredients play an important role: We use ingredients that balance, inhibit inflammation and have antibacterial effects, such as rose water, jojoba oil and black cumin oil. Use more economical facial oil in the summer than in winter.


Oily skin – your care routine with FIVE in the evening

CLEANING: Resist the impulse to degrease your skin with power! Because she will fight back. No make-up? Then it is enough to wash the face with lukewarm water. Otherwise, remove make-up gently with the natural make-up remover.

CARE: Use only the light facial serum, so that your skin at night can carefree to the skin regeneration.


Oily skin – special care

Oily skin deserves a special treatment, but please gently and without means that dry out aggressively:


Treat yourself 1 to 2 times a week a clarifying mask with green clay. Thoroughly wash with water before it dries! Pure clay you get in the pharmacy or health food store.

A facial steam bath frees the pores. Fill the spaghetti with 2 drops of water and bring to a boil. A teaspoon of salt or a bag of chamomile tea provide a disinfectant effect. Remove from heat, keep your face in the steam – not too close, otherwise you’ll burn yourself – towel over it and steam for 10 minutes. Then rinse your face cold and apply a moisturizing serum.

Peelings are also allowed, but restraint is required here, because they dry out and stimulate sebum production unnecessarily, if you mean it too well!