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Make Pink Look Modern for an Updated Home

Make Pink Look Modern for an Updated Home Pink cabinets have become a fun choice for modern kitchens.

Consider materials to make pink look modern

If you want to make pink look modern, look into the different types of materials where pink could be incorporated. This is a good place to start because it gets you thinking about where the pink will be most saturated in the space.

You might be surprised about where you can incorporate pink. You can go for smaller items, like pillows, blankets or wall art. But in more modern styles, bold shades like neon pink are popping up in cabinets, countertops, molding and just about anywhere else. It makes for an artsy and creative addition to colorful modern spaces. So if you’ve been looking for that excuse to get a new countertop, working with pink in your home could be just the thing.

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Pink Layered Bedroom

Create visual interest by layering different shades of pink in a space.

Layer the shades

A top way to make pink look modern is to layer different shades of it. Monochrome color schemes have been a hit in modern homes for the last several years. So working with multiple shades of pink is a good way to bring that modern sensibility into a space.

A common way to layer pink in modern homes is to have accents of neon pink in front of larger backdrop shades of light pink. For instance, you might have neon pink chairs in front of a baby pink wall. You might even have baby pink walls and a neon pink ceiling. Another option is to layer darker pink pillows on lighter pink furniture.

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Pink with Neutral Shades

Pink can combine well with modern, neutral tones.

Combine pink with contemporary color schemes and patterns

Also, when you are working to make pink look modern, keep the overall color scheme and feel of the room in mind. You want to focus on a modern vibe at all times. That usually translates to having some bold splashes of pink, possibly in a countertop or small accent wall. But those will be combined with bright, light and neutral overall color schemes.

You might also want to focus on what patterns are in your space to keep things modern. For instance, a pink countertop should combine with a modern backsplash, like clean white tile or even an abstract design.

And always remember, when in doubt, less is more. Typically, modern spaces are all about small shots of accent colors with overwhelmingly neutral colors.