The shape of your nails shows your health!

The shape of your nails shows your health!
Aesthetically important nails that stand at a point, shows signs of serious diseases. When you examine your nails seriously, you can see that the shape, structure and color of your nails give a signal. Of course, you need to recognize the change in your nails, which symptoms indicate which disease. Physical therapy and rehabilitation experts observe changes in the nail structure and take it seriously. Experts say that a healthy nail structure should be pink, even pinkish whiteness; indented protruding nail structure, broken nail structure, yellowed nails and similar changes are indicative of disease.

According to experts, changes in nails indicate the following health problems;

Nails with red lines cause heart problems,
Dark lines, colors heart failure,
Dull and lifeless nails lack vitamin,
White dull nails cause liver ailments,
Green nails have infection problems,
Very thick nails diseases such as fungus, lung, thyroid,
Broken nails vitamin C, protein, nutritional deficiency, Omega 3 deficiency,
Nail pits and ledges are iron deficiencies,
Swelling of the nail points to skin deformation, intestines, infection, AIDS and liver diseases.

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